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Solar Services

The Power Shop provides a large range of solar services to the community and businesses.

Having one of the most experienced & trained solar technicians in the region, we continually strive to provide the upmost professional designs and workmanship in our industry. We have the ability to supply and install almost all types of solar equipment on the market including but not limited to:

  • Solar Bore Pumps
  • Tigo Smart Solar
  • Stand-alone Solar
  • No job too big or too small
  • Standard Grid Connected
  • Micro Inverter Solar
  • Friendly, Professional & Affordable

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Ergon Application

Solar Design

Switchboard Upgrades & Installations

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Tigo and SolarEdge Solar Systems

Standard Grid Connection

These comprise of an inverter, rail, panels, isolators and are connected back to the energy provider i.e. Ergon Energy for most Central Queensland users. This system is designed for a normal domestic or small business situation. Grid connected systems are the most commonly used as they have been around for the longest period of time and have a wide range of parts designed for easy installation. They are usually cheaper as well because of their simplistic nature to install and government rebate at present.

Tigo Incorporated Grid Connected System

These systems are designed for domestic customers who want to know more about what their solar system is creating and all business types large and small. Tigo systems are very similar to a standard grid connect system with some very useful added features.

The extra benefits of a Tigo incorporated system far outweighs the extra costs that are associated with installing one. The average customer installing Tigo will only pay an extra 15 - 25% more than a standard solar system depending on the size of the system installed.

Micro Grid Connected System

These systems are different in that each panel has its own micro inverter and not one main inverter for the entire system like the other options. This has many similar benefits to a Tigo solar system with some slight differences.

This system is for domestic and small businesses also. Micro inverters have not been on the market as long as the other types of grid connected solar systems and as a result not as many people are installing them. Micro systems will cost more than a standard solar system and slightly less than a Tigo solar system

Tigo and SolarEdge Grid Connected System Main Features:
  • Minute by minute monitoring and data recording
  • Rapid response fault finding functions and maintenance
  • No shading issues for design or performance
  • 25 year inverter warranty*
  • Higher safety functions
  • Higher performance per panel
  • Individual panel isolation at ground level
  • (*Micro Grid Connected)
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